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Best Car Wash Service In Dubai

Looking for a car wash in Dubai that can make your car look its best? Look no further than Auto Repair UAE. We offer a wide range of car washing and detailing services that will have your car looking like new in no time.

From basic wash and wax services to full interior and exterior detailing, we do it all. We even offer pick-up and drop-off services so you can get your car washed while you’re at work or running errands.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to keeping your car clean. Contact Auto Repair UAE today to schedule a service.

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    We Wash All Car Models

    No matter what kind of car you have, we can wash it! We have experience washing all types of cars, from sedans to SUVs. So whether you have a Honda Civic or a Hummer, we’ll be able to give your car the clean it deserves.

    Plus, we use only the best and most effective cleaning products available. So you can rest assured that your car will not only look amazing but will also be protected from the elements.

    Car Wash Services

    We offer different types of car wash services to meet your needs:

    Your Next Car Wash Is A Tap Away!

    The best car wash experience is just a tap away! Choose from a variety of options to get your car shining like new. Wash your car quickly and easily without having to leave your house or office!

    Don’t wait any longer, your car needs a wash! Schedule a service with us today and enjoy the convenience of our pick-up and drop-off service. We look forward to washing your car!

    What's Included in Our Car Wash Service?

    We offer a wide range of car washing and detailing services that will have your car looking like new in no time. From basic wash and wax services to full interior and exterior detailing, we do it all.

    Interior Car Wash

    Exterior Car Wash

    Key Points Of Our Car Wash Service

    All of our cleaning products are eco-friendly and biodegradable, so you can feel good about using our services.
    We use the latest technologies and equipment to give your car the best wash possible.

    Our car wash services are designed for your convenience that's why we offer a pick-up and drop-off service.

    Our team of experienced mechanics is well-versed in all aspects of car care. They will make sure your car is in top condition after wash.
    We are dedicated to providing the best possible car wash service to our customers.

    We offer competitive rates so you can get the best value for your money.

    How Our Service Works?


    Booking is done via WhatsApp, Phone or E-mail.



    We pick up your car for all repairs. We offer Free pick up and delivery.



    Required service, repairs, maintenance is done in a timely and professional manner.



    We deliver your car fixed.


    Why Choose Auto Repair UAE For Your Car Wash Needs?

    Auto Repair UAE is the leading provider of car wash services in the United Arab Emirates. There are many reasons why you should consider Auto Repair UAE for your car wash needs:

    Tips To Preserve Your Car Wash Service For Longer

    It is important to preserve your car wash service so that it lasts longer and looks its best. Here are some tips that you can follow:

    Wash Your Car Regularly

    This will prevent the build-up of dirt and grime on your car's surface.

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    Use High-quality Car Shampoo

    A good quality shampoo will help to remove dirt and grime more effectively.

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    Use a microfiber cloth

    Microfiber cloths are gentle on your car's surface and will not scratch it.

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    Wax your car

    Waxing provides a protective layer on your car's surface and makes it easier to wash.

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    Stay away from bad weather

    If possible, avoid taking your car out in bad weather as this can damage the paintwork.

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    Get A Free Car Wash Service With Our Major Service Package

    Looking to get your car washed for free? Auto Repair UAE is now offering a free car wash service with our major service package. This car wash service includes full exterior and interior detailing, making it the perfect way to keep your car looking its best. We know that keeping your car clean is important to you. But we also know that it can be quite a hassle – and expensive! That’s why we’re happy to offer our customers this amazing deal Free Car Wash Service!

    It’s easy! Just book our major service package and you’ll instantly get a free car wash service. This offer is available for a limited time only so Contact Us Now to learn more about this offer or to Schedule Our Major Service Package.

    FAQ's About Car Wash - Auto Repair UAE

    The length of a car washing appointment will vary depending on the size and condition of your vehicle, as well as the services that you choose. To get an accurate estimate of how long your car wash appointment will take Get In Touch With Our Experts.
    A hand car wash is a type of car wash where the vehicle is washed by hand, using a sponge or cloth. This method is often seen as being more gentle and thorough than an automated car wash.
    An automated car wash is a type of car wash where the vehicle is washed by machines. This method is often seen as being faster and more convenient than a hand car wash.
    A typical car wash will include services such as washing the exterior of the vehicle, cleaning the wheels, and vacuuming the interior.
    It is generally recommended to wash your car every two weeks. This will help to remove dirt and grime that can build up on your car's surface.
    No, you should not use regular soap as this can damage the paintwork on your car. Use a high-quality car shampoo that is designed for use in cars.
    The best way to dry your car is to use a microfiber cloth. This will prevent any scratches from happening to your car's surface.

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